Our Story

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My name is Ricardo Dorronsoro and I have been living in Massachusetts since the late eighties. Ever since I moved here from Cancún in the Yucatán peninsula, my friends and family took me to a lot of “Mexican restaurants.” I discovered that it wasn’t the authentic Mexican food that I knew and loved as a child and throughout my life. I really missed those flavorful dishes, so I started cooking my mother’s recipes for my friends and family. They absolutely loved them. You see, Great Mexican food is very simple – to taste right it has to be fresh and almost everything is made from scratch.
I have been working in the restaurant business for the last 35 years and I have worked in some good and some great restaurants. I learned and grew and came to expect the most of my dining experiences. I have made my best attempt to apply the best things to my restaurant. The food must be authentic. The ingredients must be freshest available. The whole place will buzz with fun, friends, family and música. My goal is to provide you with not only a great meal but an incredible dining experience.

Since coming to America to marry my sweetheart in the late eighties, I have always wanted to open a restaurant where people would have fun, delicious food and be able to “get away” for a few hours. Come back with me to that special secluded beach on the southern tip of Cancún where the sun is warm, the sand is soft, people dance Salsa at all hours, and enjoy a nice meal with a great margarita. It is truly a pleasure to have you as my customer and please let me take you to the different authentic flavors of México.